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Direct Trade Organic Certified Bird Friendly New Arrivals
Island Coffee maintains a multitude of direct trade relationships with farmers across the world. Currently our direct trade coffees consist of Costa Rican La Amistad, Cameroon Boyo, Oku Mt. Ebony, and Brazil Bob-O-Link. Its easy to say you sell organic coffee, but its another thing to be certified. We are certified organic roasters by the USDA and the Clemson Agricultural division. We take special care to make sure all organic coffees are treated with the utmost attention and isolation. Believe it or not, a lot of coffee is organically grown. However, most farmers in developing countries do not have the income to pay for their crop to be organic certified. As a result, farmers do not get financial recognition of their sustainable hard work. We recognize this, and therefore have created an offering of "bird friendly" coffees that have been grown using organic methods. The wait is over....OUR NEW CROP OF COSTA RICA LA AMISTAD HAS ARRIVED. Visit our coffee section to grab a few bags of this delicious coffee, before it is out of season again.
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